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nadaljevalni PubMED: PICO vprašanje 3

PICO vprašanje 3

What is the risk of respiratory infection for rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with biologics?


P rehumatoid arthritis

I biologics


O risk of respiratory infections



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Rheumatoid arthritis

 ((((("Arthritis, Rheumatoid"[Mesh]) OR ("rheumatoid arthritis"[tiab])) OR ("arthritis deformans"[tiab])) OR ("arthrosis deformans"[tiab])) OR (beauvais disease*[tiab])) OR ("chronic polyarthritis"[Title/Abstract])

Respiratory infection

(("Respiratory Tract Infections"[Mesh]) OR (Respiratory Tract Infection*[tiab])) OR (Respiratory Infection*[tiab])

Biological products

(((("Biological Products"[Mesh]) OR (Biological Product*[tiab])) OR (Natural Product*[tiab])) OR (Biopharmaceutical*[tiab])) OR ("Biologics"[tiab])