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nadaljevalni PubMED: PICO vprašanje 1

PICO vprašanja

In patient with furunculosis, do prophylactic antibiotics compare to no treatment, reduce the recurrence rate?

P: patient with furunculosis   - furunculosis

I: prophylactic antibiotics


O: reccurence rate - recurrence



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Prophylactic antibiotics


((((("Antibiotic Prophylaxis"[MeSH Terms]) OR "prophylactic antibiotic*"[Title/Abstract]) OR "Antibiotic Prophylaxis"[Title/Abstract]) OR "antibiotic prophylax*"[Title/Abstract]) OR "antibiotic premedication*"[Title/Abstract])



(((("Recurrence"[MeSH Terms]) OR "recurrence*"[Title/Abstract]) OR "recrudescence*"[Title/Abstract]) OR "relapse*"[Title/Abstract])