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Centralna medicinska knjižnica

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Za študente: International students


On your first visit to the Library:

  • Come to the Service Desk
  • Bring two forms of identification: a personal ID/or a passport and a College ID card/or«Indeks«/or a confirmation of enrollment

To save time, you can print a copy of the Application form and complete it in advance of your visit. Remember to bring it with you when you come.

The Library is located at Vrazov trg 2, Ljubljana and spreads over two floors. Take the stairs up to the first floor, go past the Secretariat and the office of the Dean. The glass door on the left will lead you to the Library Service Desk. 



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 


Wednesday, Friday 8:00-16:00


Library Service Desk & Information

+386 1 543 7730 , +386 1 543 7741

Inter-Library Loans service

+386 1 543 7736



A4 black and white copy 0,04 € per sheet
A4 colour copy 0,08 € per sheet
library overdue charges 0,30 € per item
non-pick-up of holds 0,30 € per item

Fees and charges: summary from May 20, 2023. 

Using the Library

Where can I study in the Library?  

As you have probably noticed, there are extensive construction and renovation projects underway on the medical campus at Vrazov trg 2.

Campus development projects are designed to facilitate the best outcomes for students, teachers, researchers and other staff.

As a matter of fact, all these changes also affect the Central Medical Library. Since students need peace and quiet, we have thus provided some temporary study places on both floors:

  • there is a nice quiet study room on the first floor, opposite the LCD screen that accommodates about 20 students
  • we have also arranged a place in the attic with more than 50 seats

The coffee machine as well as the print box still remain on the first floor.

Well, that's all we can offer at the moment.  

Thank you for your understanding


                                                        The quiet study room on the 1st floor                                                   The attic (take the stairs  to the 2nd floor)   
                                            Photo: SJ

CMK has recently provided accces to ClinicalKey Student, which  provides access to over 200 medical e-textbooks, thousands of images and many videos. In addition to a study tool feature that allows customers to annotate the text and make notes.

Recording of ClinicalKey Student Training session provided by Anne-Marie Scoones/Elsevier, March 24: 

Passcode: d=X!4bu6 (please type the passcode, rather than copy and paste it.)

Welcome to CMK Library Services


In this guide you will find information on how to make the most of Library Services during your time at the Faculty of Medicine as an International Student. You will find out about what Library Services offer, learn how to find materials and where to get help.

First visit

On your first visit come to the Service Desk and bring two forms of identification: a personal ID/or a passport and a Student ID card/"indeks" or a confirmation of enrolment. Our colleagues will assist you in finding the right book or information. 

Library Membership

There is no charge for exchange students at The Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana.  Students are also entitled to use the information resources and services of other libraries within the University of Ljubljana. 

Using the Library

  • Borrowing                                                       

When borrowing books or journals, you should come to the Service desk on the first floor with your ID card. There is a collection of core textbooks in medicine, dentistry, reference works such as dictionaries, manuals etc. 

It is essential that you place online requests via COBISS, My Library or mCOBISS for the material you would like to borrow.  A total of three items may be reserved if your present loan does not exceed 15 items. 

Items are held in the Library for three working days, the fine is charged if the reserved material is not picked up by a patron in time.

Readers are responsible for any item issued to them.

All the items do not have the same borrowing rules, Faculty of Medicine students can borrow core textbooks for 3 months, and additional readings for 1 month

Journals may be borrowed for a maximum period of six days, with the exception of thematic issues, which are loanable for a period of one month.

  • Renewing    

Books can be renewed only once for one month before their due date. This can be done by phone, email (, via COBISS, My Library or by using the mobile app mCOBISS. Please ensure you have OPAC username and password, both can also be obtained from the Service Desk.

Journals can be renewed once for a period of 6 days.

  • Fines 

If books are not returned or renewed by the due date, the Library charges fines at the rate of 0,30 € per book per day overdue. 

All items have to be returned and charges to be paid before the students finish their studies at the Faculty of Medicine Ljubljana.

  • Closed Access 

Due to a limited amount on space on the main floors of the library some items are held in closed stacks, the access is restricted to library staff only. If there is an item you want to borrow,  it can be requested at the Service Desk. 

  • Photocopying & Printing

These services are available to students at the Service Desk, where you can also collect all the copies from other printers witihin the Library. 

There's also a Printbox kiosk, you'll find it at the end of main hall, next to a coffee machine. 

Please check GENERAL FEES AND CHARGES for more information. 

  • Inter-Library Loans Service 

Materials that are unavailable in the Library, can be obtained from other Slovenian and international libraries through an inter-library loan service. ILL requests can be forwarded to

All the ILL requests are subject to fees depending on the type of service. 


The Library strives to provide you with excellent and relevant collections to support the teaching, learning and research needs of the Faculty of Medicine. All our collections are in all sorts of formats and discoverable through:   

The web-based Library Catalogue shows the location and number of copies of books available in CMK and other libraries within the University of Ljubljana. You can also use it to find a range of resources including journals, theses, official publications, and to request inter-library loans document delivery.

You can renew and make reservations from our stock by logging in to your COBISS account or mCOBISS. You'll get a password on your first visit to the Library.

 access to a large and growing collection of electronic resources, including databases, e-journals and e-books. If you are a registered student or member of staff, it is possible to access all online information resources from off-campus.

Dostop v mreži MF / Access in the Faculty Network  On-site access: if you are at the Library or the Faculty, most of the e-resources can be accessed directly from the Library's web pages

Oddaljen dostop za MF Off-site access: log on to the Faculty network  with your COBISS username and password

  • Key e-resources that you may use during your studies are:
Berne and Levy Physiology E-Book Robbins Basic Pathology E-Book
Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy, Vol.1, 16th ed., English/Latin
Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy, Vol. 2, 16th ed., English/Latin (16. A.) Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy, Vol. 3, 16th ed., English/Latin

You have access to a wide collection of textbooks available in both print  and electronic formats covering all medical subjects and specialties. The lists below include core medical textbooks, suggested reading and reference materials to support the curriculum at the Faculty of Medicine on both programmes: Medicine and Dental Medicine. They are searchable by author, book title, key words and course subject, some of the content is also available in English. 


Library computers & WIFI 

There are about 20 public computers in the Library. They all have the following Microsoft Office applications: Word, Excel and Power Point. You will find them on both floors, the access  is through the Library's main hall. Prints from all the computers in the Library can be obtained at the Service desk on the first floor. 

The Library also offers wireless internet access (mf-guest, mf-cmk and Eduroam).  For more information please visit the

Study spaces 

The Library provides a variety of study spaces for staff, students and researchers of the Faculty of Medicine. These range from individual study spaces for quiet study to group study rooms where students can work together on projects. At present, there are more than 100 seats available. 

As for the silent zones, the attic seating area on the second floor is extra cozy, while the study room on the first floor offers a nice view of the courtyard. 

It's Coffee Time! 

There is a refreshment area on the first floor of the Library (at the end of the main hall) with vending machines where you can get hot and cold drinks as well as a selection of snacks. You can take a break from serious study by reading a newspaper or just chat to your friends and colleagues.

We're here to help

Navigating your way through the wealth of information resources the Library makes available can be a daunting task. Library staff provide support, help and training to enable you to get to grips with the literature of your subject and the Library's resources. We have staff with expertise on information resources, who are here to support you with your studies, research, or teaching. 

How to contact us

There are multiple ways to contact us:                                                                                                         

  • Email us at and we will direct your query to the relevant section  
  • Phone us on +386 1 543 7741 during service hours
  • If you're at Vrazov trg, you can come to the Service Desk

Automated External Defibrilator (AED)

Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in adults. Knowing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) may help you save the life of someone who goes into cardiac arrest.

The automated external defibrilator is wall-mounted in the main hall of the Library. When an AED box door is opened,
an audible alarm will sound alerting those nearby that an AED has been removed. AED provides visual and verbal prompts to guide people in their use.





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