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Centralna medicinska knjižnica

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Uporaba narekovajev pri frazah

TITLE-ABS-KEY  ("music therapy")

 alzheimer disease 

alzheimer disease TITLE-ABS-KEY (alzheimer W/1 (disease or dementia or sclerosis or syndrome or change or degeneration))

alzheimer's disease

alzheimer dementia

alzheimer sclerosis

alzheimer syndrome

alzheimer neurofibrillary change

alzheimer nerufibrillary degeneation

Scopus Primer 

Beta blocker 


antiadrenergics beta blocking   
beta adrenergic antagonist     TITLE-ABS-KEY ("beta adrenergic" W/1 ( block or  agent  or  drug  or  antagonist ))

beta adrenergic blocker   

beta adrenergic blockers
beta adrenergic blocking agent
beta adrenergic blocking drug
beta adrenergic receptor antagonist
beta adrenergic receptor blocker
beta adrenoceptor antagonist         TITLE-ABS-KEY ( "beta adrenoceptor" W/2 (  block  or  agent  or  drug)) 
beta adrenoceptor blocker    
beta adrenoceptor blocking agent
beta adrenoceptor blocking drug
beta adrenolytic        
beta adrenolytic agent
beta antagonist   
beta antiadrenergic agent   
beta blocker     
beta blocking adrenergic agent   TITLE-ABS-KEY ("beta block" W/2 (agent  or drug ))
beta blocking agent
beta blocking drug
beta receptor adrenergic blocking agent   TITLE-ABS-KEY ("beta receptor" W/2  agent )
beta receptor blocking agent