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Basic search - topic: alzheimer disease

ts=alzheimer disease  

krnimo samo pred operatorjem bližine

ts=(alzheimer* NEAR/1 disease)  (če želimo alzheimer in alzheimer's uporabimo *)

alzheimer's dementia ts= alzheimer  dementia   

senile dementia ts=senile dementia

alzheimer type dementia  ts=(alzheimer* NEAR/1 dementia)

Primary Senile Degenerative Dementia ts=(senile NEAR/1 dementia)

alzheimer sclerosis ts=alzheimer sclerosis

alzheimer syndrome ts=alzheimer syndrome

Acute Confusional Senile Dementia ts=senile dementia

presenile dementia ts=presenile dementia

Late Onset Alzheimer Disease ts=alzheimer disease

Focal Onset Alzheimer's Disease ts=alzheimer disease

Familial Alzheimer Disease  ts=alzheimer disease

Presenile Alzheimer Dementia ts=(presenile NEAR/1 dementia)


ts= (presenile or senile or alzheimer*  NEAR/1 (dementia))

ts=(alzheimer NEAR  (disease or sclerosis or syndrome))



Vpliv mobilnih telefonov na spanje študentske populacije.

P: students 

I: mobile phone

O: sleep


ts= (mobile or cell* NEAR (phone*or telephone*) ) 
ts= student*